dating for asian men

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In some western countries, Asian Men find themselves the underdogs of dating pool. Being minority outsiders, burdened with negative racial stereotypes, and suffering a huge gender imbalance in interracial dating seem like handicaps; however asian men, are rising to the challenge using their natural smarts, determination, and strong character

If you are new to the dating game the good news is there are many resources available to speed up the learning curve with interacting romantically and sexually with women. These days there is no more excuse. There are numerous excellent asian dating and life coaches, endless videos, articles and ebook. Still real experience is imperative so don't get lost in book learning.

SquattingCasanova/ InstaConnection

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Jan Lifestyle

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Asian Playboy's Harvard Workshop

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Simple Pickup

Three pickup artist demonstrate the art of pickup in hilarious situations and truly show how simple pickup can be

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DJ Fuji

Life Coach and Chief PUA Instructor

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Asian Boss (Australia)

Dedicated to empowering shy Asian guys to become more confident with women.

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Asian Rake Interviews Bonsai of Love Systems (Singapore)

Bonsai , Lovesystems coach

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Johnny Wolf on mastering the Game

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Happier Abroad

Love him or hate him, Winston Wu will surely evoke strong reactions with tell all journal of searching for romance in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. He has a new forum dedicated to help guys in the US find love and happiness by travelling abroad. The forum has excellent essays for Asian guys

Roosh V

Great resource for combining strong Pick Up skills with Global Dating. Best forum on travel for guys with some game. Travel guide for asian guys

Asian Masculinity

A subreddit focused on Asian Masculinity . Very good recent material. All posts by asian guys.

Rick Lee's Dating Advice

What makes Rick qualified to give dating advice? He's a Asian guys whos slept with hundreds on white women on

The Pick Up Artist

A TV reality contest. See a group of misfits and nerds transformed into refined men by Mystery.

Keys To The Vip Episodes On Hulu

Great TV series to see real life guys pick up women and critiqued by experts

3rd World Hero

Filipino American guy documents and explains dating in Philippines and South America vs USA

Fast Seduction

The seduction community is a group men dedicated to art and science of attracting women. All dating men should learn some basic principles in modern dating.

Super P Force Viagra - Edge in the bedroom game?

Super Human Erections and Super Human Stamina. Perform like a porn star. Generic viagra has same active ingredients as name brands. Dapoxetine is SSRI designed to make men last longer.

Viagra Viagra Viagra

Better Asian Man Podcasts

Podcasts for the asian man. Appears dating related.

Podcast: URB4N talks about Interracial Relationships

A good podcast about the very touchy subject of IR disparity in the AA community. Speaker explains why AMs need to date outside their race and why the disparity does causes problem for asian and white interrelations.

Pick Up and Seduction Database

From Geeks to Geeks who Get Laid. The Outer and Inner game of seduction.

The Pick Up Guide

Pickup for Nice Guys

CNN Report on PUA in China

Even mainland Chinese guys are learning The Game.

How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men

Guide to dating white women for asian men by Adam Quan

Butterfly: An Erotic Odyssey - Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines (Sex in Southeast Asia)

Steve Yang introduces you to getting laid in Southeast Asia.

The Hedonist: World Sex Guide - Single Male Erotic Vacations in Rio, Costa Rica, Thailand, Carribean and much more

Where are the women? This book describes the real top 20 cities.

Romance Tours

Romance tours to Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia specifically for wife hunting absolutely do exist. Company below is based int the US. There are several video testimonials including some very happy looking Asian Guys. Got money and vacation ? You'll only live once - consider taking a love tour. Another Asian man's success story(:nl:)(:Summary:Trail and talk page links:) (:comment included in PmWiki localisation headers and footers :) << >>bgcolor=#ffe border-top="1px solid black" font-size=.8em<< This page may have a more recent version on sites): PmWiki:AdviceForMen, and a talk page: PmWiki:AdviceForMen-Talk. >><<