AM WF Dating Sites

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Asian Friend Finder has 2.7 million active Asian and Asian-seeking daters worldwide. You are sure to get responses from around the world. With its no-time limit Free Trial Membership, signing up for this site is a no-brainer. Silver or gold membership recommended for get faster results.

East Meets East

Dating for Asian Singles

2Red Beans

A Chinese Dating Site, Apply to You Are The One

Click 2 Asia

A large mostly asian personals site. Frequently holds speed dating events at major cities across north america.

Free AMWF Dating Site

Ethnic Specific

* Mostly Chinese Dating Site * Korean Specializing Friend Finder * Filipino Friend Finder * Free Chinese Dating Site

Viagra Viagra Viagra

Hot or Not

Not asian specific , but interesting. Rate other people and get rated youself.

Dont forget the forums

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