Asian Men with White Women Forums

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Large Active Forum Dedicated to Asian Men and White Women Couples (and all other women too).

Non Asian Chics For Asian Dudes

MySpace Membership Required. Over 2000 members on this forum on Asian Men and White/Black/Hispanic/Etc Women.

Asian Men & Guys and the White girls, Latinas & Black girls who LOVE Them

MySpace Membership Required. Over a thousand asian guys and white girls on this forum.

Asian Relations Forum

For mature audiences, a forum started by Rick Lee asian adult perfomer/owner of

There are several groups here. Facebook membership required. Represent! *Asian Guys That Refuse to Limit Themselves to Just Asian Girls *White Girls Who Love Asian Guys (and vice versa) *White girls who think Asian guys are damn good looking ...


One of the earliest forums dedicated to AM/WF couples

Yahoo Groups

*Asian Men and White Girls *Asian White Romance

Misc Social Networks Girls Who Love Asian Boys

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