Videos 3

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(:nl:)!!!Why Asian Guys Cant Get White Girls (humor)

(:youtube 63bWYFGBTuE:) (:youtube _1E77meJc88:) (:youtube L8PPdh52lKI:) (:youtube Mu61YBai_mM:) (:youtube uQ2jMJWM_kc:) (:youtube lDHRQdoCBPo:) (:youtube uTkcRDhw6KQ:) (:youtube N8pB0NfqEp0:) (:youtube wt9_t0R9fzY:) (:youtube CgY7JLI3oWY:)

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(:youtube wu5p7AeB788:)

Even more

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(:youtube onXfWnlV11Q:) (:youtube i_hruKMK-FU:) (:youtube KT3B2izDjps:) (:youtube hoUGhk6GcxE:) (:youtube ISq5N0rgeyM:) (:youtube kKdPCpAIzfo:)

(:youtube usW6QjO31Us:) (:youtube fh4TBUiY3e8:)

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