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(:nl:) Online Resources for Asian Men and White Women / Black Women / Latino Women Relationships

*'''Find fun, friendship, and support with thousands of like minded AM/WF couples in the forums''' *'''Seek love online. Talk about and find answers to your relationship Problems.''' *'''See real AM WF couples in the media.''' *'''Dont forget to participate,support, and give back to community. Even joining a group helps the its visibility. Each of us can make a difference.'''

Hey-Ai White Girls Love Asian Guys

An former Ning group for AM WF that grew into its own site. Many European members. "Our network is not only for Asian men and White women, but of course we also promote friendship and relationships between Asian guys and Black girls, Asian men and Latina women, Asian men and Middle Eastern women, etc etc. Let's prove the world that women love Asian guys"

Black Women Asian Men United

A vibrant group that supports, encourages and promotes interaction between black women and asian men. From all the couples, AMBW appears to be really taking off.

Eurasian Exchange

New kid on the AMWF block.

The AMWF Social Network

For Asian Male and White Female Interracial Relationships. Has CamChat


Moderated with instant chat, social media presence, and supports AMWF causes, especially those that support Asian male positivity. Forums, Blog, camchat too.

Women For Asian Men

Another AMWF site with active Cam Chat

Asian Men Black Women Meet Ups

AMBW is exploding. 8 meetups around the US. Join the AMBW wave

White Women Asian Men Meet Up Groups

AMWF social meetups in NY and Sydney

Face Book groups that for women who like asian men

Face Book Groups

There are several groups here. Facebook membership required. Represent! *The Asian Fixation *Asian Men connection *AMWF Universe Portal *Asian Men & White Women Only *Asian Men & White Women Memiors

Adult AM/WF forums

For mature audiences, Asian Relations Forum, a AMWF related forum started by Rick Lee asian male adult perfomer/owner of

Chopstickcharm An interesting amateur default AMWF site Amateur AMWF media

If you are addicted to pictures of AM WF couples :

*Twitter Feed *instagram amwf photos *AMWF photos on tumblr *More AMWF photo crack on tumblr *Asians with White Chicks Destroying Limiting Beliefs About Interracial Dating *White Girls with Asian Guys


White Girls Who Love Asian Boys

MySpace Membership Required. Join the AM/WF Party.

Asian Men & Guys and the White girls, Latinas & Black girls who LOVE Them

MySpace Membership Required. Over a thousand asian guys and white girls on this sister site to aznlover. Questionable moderation.

Yahoo Groups

*Married To An Asian Man - Come rant or rave about your Asian husband! *Asian Men and White Girls *Asian White Romance

Misc Social Networks Girls Who Love Asian Boys

Xanga White Girls Who Love Asian Guys!!!!!! A blogring